Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021 11:09:34 AM

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Nepal Online PatrikaAppsNow you can't watch Netflix Sharing Account

Now you can’t watch Netflix Sharing Account


You can no longer watch Netflix using other people’s passwords. Netflix has made it impossible to share the password of the same person’s account. The practice of creating a Netflix account and sharing Netflix with more than the number of screens on it has increased.

ntetflix app
netflix app

Moreover, in the case of Nepal, this kind of practice has flourished. He has a large number of friends living abroad with his Netflix account and sharing it with many people. The company has started shutting down more devices than the specified screen after connecting to the same account.

Some users have been affected by Netflix’s system. Currently, some users are sharing screenshots on social media saying that they have not been able to login.

The screenshot they shared mentions that Netflix allows users to use their own Netflix account. Not only that, if you are not the owner of the account, now you have to create your own account to watch the video continuously.

For that, if you login to an account from different places, Netflix will send OTP to the mobile for verification. The company has made it impossible to login without OTP.





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