Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday, January 17, 2021
Nepal Online Patrika Tech News Phishing attacks in the name of Ncell, the threat of extensive user data theft

Phishing attacks in the name of Ncell, the threat of extensive user data theft




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Kathmandu. Phishing has been found on Facebook by misusing the name and profile picture of telecommunication service provider Ncell. Many are becoming victims of this phishing campaign of stealing user data.

Beatty link has been given by showing the greed of 5 GB free data from the fake page of Ncell under phishing. Common users will be attacked by cybercriminals if they click on the common link in anticipation of getting free internet.

Earlier, cybercriminals had created a Facebook page in the name of Nepal Telecom and boosted the post with phishing links with misleading information.

In this way, phishing attacks have sprung up as a trap for users to keep their personal details and hack their accounts.

It is requested to get the necessary information only from the official website and social media page of the official company.

Such phishing campaigns are being conducted in various countries including Nepal, according to cybersecurity company Threatnix. A recent study found that more than 600,000 Facebook users’ login credentials had been stolen in a Facebook phishing scam.

According to ThreatNix, 615,000 Facebook users from different countries, including Nepal, have been affected by phishing using GitHub pages and Facebook ads.

According to ThreatNix, Facebook login credentials of users from Nepal, Egypt, the Philippines, Tunisia, Pakistan, and other countries are being stolen from the massive phishing campaign.

Under the campaign, hackers have been found to be phishing people by copying local Facebook posts and pages from different countries and luring them with advertisements and offers similar to those countries.

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