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Nepal Online Patrika Mobile You Must Know These Smartphone Camera Features

You Must Know These Smartphone Camera Features



Smartphone users need to know these camera features, which many people do not know. Do you have a smartphone Many may think that this is the question? Of course, nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands. The camera in it is also being used from time to time.

camera mode smartphone photo video
camera mode smartphone photo video

But most of the features in the camera may not be known to many. So today we are going to give information about some of the useful and must-know features in the camera of such smartphones.

HDR mode

hdr photography mistakes flat ruin
hdr photography mistakes flat ruin

This is an important feature in the camera of almost all the smartphones that have come into the market recently. HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’.

This is a technology used in the camera, which helps to take quality photos when some part is very bright and some part is dark.

This technology of the camera automatically creates a balanced photo in an instant from a combination of exposure, underexposure, and normal photo.

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mobile camera aparture
mobile camera aparture

The aperture of the camera may be a topic that smartphone users are listening to. Aperture is the smallest hole seen in the camera lens than usual.

The size of the hole depends on the aperture. Which depends on the number of f, that is, the focal length. F1‍.4, F2.0, F8.0 are examples of this.

As F decreases, the size of the hole increases and as F increases in value, the hole narrows. The larger the hole, the more light reaches the camera’s sensors.

Similarly, when the hole is small, relatively little light goes inside. Such aperture is fixed in the cameras of most of the smartphones available in the market.

However, some smartphones even have the feature of adjusting the aperture. So when choosing a smartphone based on the camera, you have to pay attention to the fact that the number of F is the lowest. It also helps to take photos with attractive bouquet effects.

Portrait mode

portrait mode
portrait mode

Another important feature of most smartphones is the portrait mode. You must be aware of this mode.

Portrait mode can also be called bouquet mood i.e. bouquet effect. Generally speaking, bouquet mode is a feature that blurs the background when taking a photo.

It can also be called ‘Depth of Field’ in other words. The feature of this feature is to focus the camera on the main object. This makes the photo attractive.

Optical Zoom VS Digital Zoom

Those interested in the camera must have heard about the optical zoom and digital zoom. Lately, some smartphone manufacturers have been advertising this feature of the camera.

Generally speaking, the camera uses an actual lens to show distant objects near and far, and that is optical zoom. This way the zoomed photos come out quality. Digital zoom is the only software system used to make an object appear larger and closer to a photo.

The quality of the photo taken in this way is poor compared to the photo taken through optical zoom. This means that optical zoom is better than digital zoom.


Speaking of the camera, the user must have heard about EIS and OIS as well. Sometimes a photo taken from a smartphone looks blurry. Even the video is not clear when there is a stir.

This feature has been developed to solve similar problems. This is important in the camera of a smartphone. EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) is a software system mostly used for video recording and smartphone cameras.

Similarly, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is a hardware system. Although the work of both is the same, it is comparatively more expensive than EIS and also more expensive.

Panorama mode

panorama mode
panorama mode

Another important feature of the smartphone’s camera is the mode in Panorama. This feature is useful for capturing wide and large objects and scenes that cannot be covered by a mobile cuff camera. By turning on this mood, you can take wide and long photos by slowly turning the mobile in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Time lapses

You must have seen in the videos where moving objects like clouds, fog, people, animals, vehicles, etc. are moving at a much faster speed than usual. The rising and setting of the sun are also shown in the video. In fact, such videos are due to the time lapse feature.


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