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Tips to Find your lost phone


Kathmandu. Sometimes you may lose your phone. Or it is hidden somewhere. If you are in hiding, you can also find out by calling from another phone.

But, what to do if the phone is lost or the phone is in silent mode? That’s why Android has been providing the facility to locate the phone.

But, for that, you have to follow some process. Here we are teaching about the process.

Even if you have already downloaded the app called ‘Find My Device’ on your mobile, it will be best.

mobile lost nepal
mobile lost nepal

So we suggest you download and keep the app. If this app is on your device, it will be very easy to find the phone with the help of that app.

If you haven’t downloaded ‘Find My Device’ and lost your phone, you can still find it on Google.

To do this, first log in to Google, the Google address you were logged in on your lost phone. After that, go to Google’s address bar and open

There you will see the Android device connected to the Google address. Click on the lost phone. Clicking there will show the location of your phone on Google Maps on the side.

You are also given an option called ‘Play Sound’. You can even play the sound on the phone by clicking on the option. This will make it easier for you to find the phone.

Even so, if the phone is not found, you can even ‘lock’ your device from there to keep it safe. You can also delete a logged in Google Account from the phone.

More importantly, you can delete all the data on the phone from here.





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