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Two letters came using Google Plus code


Kathmandu. The Department of Postal Services under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has introduced the Google Plus code only a few days ago. The department is planning to expand this service, which was started in Kathmandu in the first phase, across the country.

For that, the department has already prepared and passed the working procedure 2077 regarding the use of Google Plus code. Pradyum Upadhyaya, head of the Goshwara post office, said that two letters had been received using the Google Plus code within a few days of the procedure being passed and implemented.

According to him, the first letter was sent by a cooperative outside Kathmandu. The letter was sent by the cooperative using a Google code for a private residence in Kalanki.

google plus code letter hulak
google plus code letter hulak

The Goshwara Post Office has already delivered the letter to the concerned place on the basis of the Google Plus code contained in the letter.

Similarly, the second letter has come from the United States. The letter was sent to Nepal by a relative living in the United States.

Upadhyay says that he may have traced the location of his house on Google from the US and found the Google code there and sent a letter to the same Google code. According to Upadhyaya, the letter was sent from the United States on February 12.

As soon as the letter reached the office, it was searched on Google. The address is near Tokha Greenland School. On the basis of that, the letter has already left the office on Monday for the relevant address.

He said that this has made it easier for the post office to exchange letters and find out the location.





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