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WhatsApp became the most popular app in Brazil


Kathmandu. Brazil is the most important country for WhatsApp. That’s probably why WhatsApp has been launching most of its new features in Brazil.

WhatsApp is now the most popular app in the market. According to a recent study by Opinion Box, a technology research firm, WhatsApp has become the most popular app in Brazil.

whatsapp web
whatsapp web

According to a survey conducted for the study, users in Brazil use WhatsApp more than any other app. Among the participants, 54 percent said that they use WhatsApp.

Instagram and Facebook are in second and third place respectively. Instagram and Facebook use rates are 14 and 11 percent, respectively. Also, in terms of spending time, WhatsApp seems to be ahead.

Of those who spend time on the app on a daily basis, 29 percent are WhatsApp, 24 percent Instagram and 20 percent Facebook. The study found that 56 percent of them put WhatsApp on the home screen of their smartphone.

Not only that, the survey has shown that WhatsApp is also used more for video calls and conference calls. According to the survey, 93 percent use WhatsApp, 34 percent use Messenger, 32 percent use Zoom, and 32 percent use Google Meet.





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