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Nepal Online PatrikaTECH NEWSWhy doesn't Bill Gates invest in Bitcoin?

Why doesn’t Bill Gates invest in Bitcoin?


Kathmandu. Bill Gates, the founder and former CEO of Microsoft, has not invested in Bitcoin. This was stated by Bill Gates in a live chat at Social Network Club House.

Speaking to presenter Andrew Sorkin, Gates said he would like to invest in manufacturing companies. He said he would invest in areas such as malaria and measles vaccines.

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, said that he would not invest on the basis of profit by comparing the price of one commodity with another.

bill gates
bill gates

Gates spoke earlier in the day about Tesla founder Alan Musk’s enthusiasm for virtual currency cryptocurrencies.

He said Alan Musk had a lot of money and he invested in Bitcoin because he was very sophisticated. He also said that he did not care if Musk’s bitcoin increased or decreased.

The value of the virtual currency skyrocketed a few weeks ago when Tesla announced it had bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has described Bitcoin as a highly ineffective way to do business.

Speaking of Bill Gates, his attitude towards Bitcoin was not already positive. He said in an interview with CNBC in 2018 that he would shred Bitcoin if he had it in his hand.





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