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Check Google Drive spaceleft in Google Photos


How much space is left in Google Photos? Check this way. Some apps or technologies that can be used for free for a long time have started to limit. Recently, Password Manager app LastPass announced that it would dramatically limit the usefulness of its free app.

There are many other apps, which initially offer free or cheap offers and gradually charge users. Meanwhile, Google has also sent a new email to its users informing them to stop their free unlimited photo storage policy.

From June 1, all high-quality and express-quality new photo and video backups will be counted in the free 15 GB storage that comes in the Google account, Google has mentioned.

So Google’s decision is November 2020. But by June 1, you can upload as many high-quality photos as you want.

But first, you need to know how much storage you have left on Google. How much storage have you used for this or is it time to upgrade your storage? There are many ways to look at these things. Today we will teach you about it.

google drive
google drive

Step by Step Process

1. First go to this page. There you can clearly see how much storage you’ve used and how much you’ve spent on backing up Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and your device. (Note: The page cover may vary depending on the Google Account you have.)

2. You can also see how much storage is left by going to the Google Drive page. You can also see the storage statistics at the bottom of the left column.

3. Google has also created a page that estimates when you will increase storage based on your current usage.

After the June 1 deadline, when you get close to your limit, Google will send a reminder. Google also said it would provide tools to identify “dark, blurred and unwanted content.”





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