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How to Play YouTube Videos in background in Smartphone


Play YouTube in BackGround: With the increasing use of smartphones and the Internet, it is now rare to watch videos or listen to music on YouTube. It’s okay on a computer, but to use YouTube on a mobile phone, you have to turn on the screen, turn off the screen or use another app to stop playing YouTube videos.

How to Play YouTube videos in the background of the smartphone?

Today we are giving you very easy tips for this. You do not need a separate app or a premium subscription for this.

how to play youtube in background
how to play youtube in background

All you need is a mobile phone. If you use an Android smartphone, first go to the Google Chrome browser. Then search YouTube and play the video.

Click on the three-dotted buttons in the upper right corner and check the box next to the desktop site inside. Now play a song or music video on YouTube and exit by pressing the Home button.

This will turn off your ringing YouTube. Now open the notification panel by dragging your finger from the top of your mobile to the bottom and press the play button. Now the YouTube video will start playing happily in the background. Play Youtube in Background in this way on all devices.

If you use an iPhone, open YouTube in Google Chrome or Safari browser on your mobile. As soon as you open YouTube, you will see two English letters ‘A’ in the upper left corner.

Click on the Request Desktop website from the options that open there. After doing so, play your favorite video on YouTube.

Now go back by clicking the Home button and go to the notification panel. From there you can replay the video. Now it doesn’t matter if you open another app or lock the screen and keep the phone to one side. YouTube keeps ringing in the background.





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