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Nepal Online Patrika World Biggest Moment For Everyone - Mars: American spacecraft Perseverance landing

Biggest Moment For Everyone – Mars: American spacecraft Perseverance landing



Kathmandu. The U.S. Perseverance spacecraft landed on Mars about seven months after taking off from Earth.

The Perseverance Rover landed on the surface of Mars at around 2.40 am Nepali time on Friday.

Scientists from the US space agency NASA celebrated the successful landing at the control center in California.

We did When we got there, they were shouting for joy. Shortly afterward, a photo captured by Rover was made public.

mars american craft
mars american craft

According to Surface Mission Manager Jesse Samuels, it will be seen that everything in Perseverance is no longer operational.

The rover will charge its battery overnight.

This is NASA’s most ambitious project to study the possibility of life on Mars since the Viking mission of the 1970s.

The spacecraft, which is about the size of a car, is equipped with the scientific equipment needed to study fossils.

The six-wheeled rover traveled 470 million kilometers in seven months to reach Mars.

The mission’s most difficult challenge was to land safely on the surface of Mars.

Helicopter study

Mimi Ang, a senior scientist, and coordinator of the helicopter project, said that the helicopter named Ingenuity will be operated from tomorrow.

Five flying missions are scheduled for the next 30 days and are expected to provide high-quality images of the surface of Mars.

This is the first flight from one planet to another. Billions of years ago, there was a lake on a planet called Jezero on Mars that is thought to have helped life.

The Perseverance Rover landed on the Jezero crater. So far, 14 missions have attempted to land on Mars, but eight attempts have been successful. They are all American campaigns. The US effort failed only once in 1999.


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