Thursday, February 25, 2021

Thursday, February 25, 2021 9:00:19 AM

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Nepal Online Patrika TECH NEWS Dispute between Facebook and the Australian government resolved

Dispute between Facebook and the Australian government resolved



Sydney. Facebook, a leading technology company, has said it has resolved an ongoing dispute with Australian news outlets.

The controversy erupted after the government, under pressure from the Australian media, introduced a law to pay for the publication of Australian media content on Facebook and Google.

facebook aus
facebook aus

Facebook has threatened not to pay for media news and other content if it is published on Facebook, and to block media content from appearing on Facebook.

The dispute was resolved after the Australian government agreed to amend the law in a way that would be acceptable to both the media and Facebook.

Australian Finance Minister Joe Friedenberg and Facebook have agreed on some important issues. Will Aston, managing director of Facebook Australia, said Facebook was keen to invest more in the field of popular journalism, adding that access to news on Facebook would increase for Australians in the coming days.

Facebook’s ban on news from the Australian media had a negative impact on the Australian public.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has lashed out at Facebook’s move. A law passed by the Australian Parliament this week stipulates that Facebook and Google will not impose further penalties if they pay local media outlets.

Google and Facebook have also been given two months to mediate. Both technology companies objected to the Australian government’s decision, saying it was not appropriate.

According to a study, currently, Australian advertisers spend $100 on advertising, Google gets $49 and Facebook gets $24.


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