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The film ‘Bato: Road to Death’ will be screened on May 32

Entertainment NewsThe film 'Bato: Road to Death' will be screened on May 32
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kathmandu | The film “Bato: Road to Death,” produced in various languages including Nepali and English, has announced its release date. The production company Kathmandu Films has informed that the film will be publicly premiered on May 32

According to the content of the film, which has already been censored, it will be viewable only by audiences aged 16 years and above. Previously, the promotional materials of this Nepali road thriller film, crafted in a South Indian style by a team from the South, have successfully attracted viewers.

The film’s writer and director, Madan Thapa, along with cinematographer Sharan Rishi, are associated with Kathmandu Films. Director Thapa and cinematographer Rishi are established personalities in the Chennai film industry in India.

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This film, which was technically produced in Chennai, will be prepared in four languages: Nepali, English, Tamil, and Hindi.

Viewers can expect to see leading roles portrayed by Sulakshan Bharati, Raksha Thapa, Utpal Jha, Vijay Tamrakar, and others. Chandan Jha is the film’s producer and also the founder of Kathmandu Films.

The film, shot in Kathmandu and Gaighat, has been prepared with dubbing and sound in the Dolby Atmos system for the first time in Nepal.

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