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Why is Prakash Duttaraj’s musical film ‘Karim’ being criticized along with praise?

Entertainment NewsWhy is Prakash Duttaraj's musical film 'Karim' being criticized along with praise?
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kathmandu | Singer Prakash Dutaraj’s “musical film” titled “Karim” has sparked significant discussions since its release, amassing over 340,000 views within just two days.

This 15-minute musical narrative delves into the harrowing experiences of young girls from the Dalit community, forced into sexual exploitation and subsequently victimized.

The film sheds light on historical and social realities within marginalized communities, with Dutaraj dedicating the project to the daughters, daughters-in-law, and mothers of these communities.

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According to Dutaraj, the musical voices of Prakash and Shantishree Pariyar resonate throughout the film. Dutaraj aimed to capture the plight of marginalized communities through the portrayal of a young woman, a role he personally undertook.

The meticulous efforts of Dutaraj are evident in the character portrayal, cinematography, and scriptwriting of this musical endeavor. He interweaves the narrative with music in his unique storytelling style, complemented by Navin Gharti Magar’s direction and Anil Manandhar’s cinematography.

The central theme of the film revolves around the coercive involvement of young girls and women from marginalized communities in sexual activities for financial gain. While Dutaraj’s work has received both acclaim and criticism, many have praised the musical and vocal aspects while others scrutinize the depiction of real-life scenarios.

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Sunita Pariyar, a social media user, reflects on how the song highlights societal stereotypes despite advancements made by marginalized communities, advocating for continuous efforts to challenge the psychology that commodifies women from these backgrounds.

Another user, Sunita Nepali, expresses concerns about certain scenes deemed inappropriate, emphasizing that the reality of marginalized communities is far removed from such portrayals. She underscores the negative social and psychological impacts such representations may have on community members, urging for the removal of certain scenes.

In response to criticisms, Dutaraj clarified through social media that the narrative and scenes depicted in the film draw inspiration from events that transpired centuries ago, aiming to shed light on lost stories. He acknowledges the present-day strides made by community members in adapting to modern life across various fields and countries.

Despite varying opinions, Dutaraj’s latest musical film has predominantly received praise for its artistic merit and thought-provoking narrative. This information was reported by Nepal Online Patrika.

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